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In olden days, a rich man in a village left a word when he was sickness, “Shinma! Please send your son to University to be educated.” Then he died soon. The mother had deep love so the son was still in house until he became adult, beyond¬† the word of the rich man before death.

But the son took a lady that he feel in love, to the home and said “Oh mother! This is my wife, if you don’t agree I will follow her.” The mother could not leave her son so accepted the son and daughter-in-law, then the mother was suffered from illness. So called the couple to her and said “How you are rich you can’t attain social standing if you not educated. So, please teach for educated person my son.”Thus, the daughter-in-law said, “Dear mother! I will send your son to be educated.” The rich woman believed absolutely and passed away after some times.

Though the wife sent him he did not go to University until he got one son. So the wife said, “If you do not go for education, I will go out together with my son.” She said that she cannot break her previous promise.

Then he cannot refuse and went to University along with carts. After (3)years, he reached to University.Together with other princes of other countries, he taught from professor by giving (3) viss silver cash as fees.

When the students were educated, they went back home. When the son of rich man went back home he gave homage to Professor. so the teacher gave a word.

“Dear son! The way to your home is dangerous so obey (3) words.”

” Don’t sleep soundly to prolong life, don’t take bath in crowded river-side, take card to do suitable things.”

According to his teacher’s words, he went back home lonely, the son of rich man recited his teacher’s word on the way.

When he saw a rest house he took rest and ate the meal that was taken with him. After meal, he wanted sleep but he remembered his teacher’s words so he sat with the sword. At mid-night, he heard the foot-step, the one reached anything and said “I want to eat the meat of people but I see the food and curry”.

The son of rich man showed the sword and “What are you doing here”.

“Excuse me! I am agress I ate the man on this rest house, if you save my life I will give you a pot of gold.”¬† The son of rich man excused the agress and went back home by taking the gold-pot with him. By obeying his teacher’s words he got a pot of gold.

When he went on the way he saw a creek and wanted to bath. “Don’t take bath in crowd”, as he remembered the word so he took bath lonely beyond a bush peacefully.

Then, he continued journey after bath, “Hin! I forget the gold-pot.” Hence, he turned to the place of bathing and he found his gold-pot. So, he gave respect to his teacher for the gratitude.

After months, he returned to home. The village under the moon was getting sound sleep. The son of rich man opened the door and entered into his house. He saw his wife was sleeping with a young boy.

He took out his sword to kill his wife that he thought the young boy was the new husband. “Should do anything after thinking well” he recognized the teacher’s word so he awoke his wife and asked for that.

“Who is sleeping with you?”

“This is your son my dear! When you go to the University, this child is young school boy.”

You lost (3)years on the journey, (3) years for the teaching and (3) years for return to home. So the son of rich man thought that his child should be grown up to youth or puberly.

“Is he my son? He becomes a youth!” The son of rich man when he knew all, he was very grateful his teacher and gave homage by placing palms on his fore-head. Because of taking heartily the (3) words of his teacher, he was harmless with long life and got a gold-pt, then he can live happily together with his family.

By reading this tale, the brothers and sisters my be the persons of obeying the teacher’s words and can be differentiated the wrong and right causes in life.

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