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Once, an old man and a youth lived as neighbours.  Sometimes old man saw the youth coming back early in the morning with packages.

When the old man saw the youth like that for several times, the old man thought the youth was not simple. He may be the thief so he told about it to others.

Because of the words of old man, the authorities cought the youth with the suspicion of theft case. After the investigations for many days, the youth was released that he had no guilt.Though the youth was released without guilt, the people when they saw him expelled for stealing. The people cut the friendship with him.

At that time, the youth prosecuted the old man for the suspicion of other people on him.When they reached the Court of Law, the old man said, “I give opinion only, I have no desire to the painful your majesty.”

The Judge said to the old man, “You write down all you said, on paper. After it, you tear out the paper into pieces and give up widespread on the road. I will give judgement on the next day.” According to the order of Judge, the old man had been torn into pieces of written word that he told and scattered on the road.

On the next day, the Judge ordered him at Court of Law, to take up and collected the pieces from the road and to bring back.The old man went out to the road out pieces of written paper. Then, the old man entered into the court of law and said to Judge, ‘Sir! I find nothing so I can’t collect the pieces of paper.

Hence, the judge said the old man, “That is right the old man! The tore pieces of paper go away and spread with the wind, similarly! The news that is your opinion is spreading from mouth to mouth of the people step by step.

“Your wrong opinion spread widely now. Similarly the dignity of the youth falls down. Therefore, your are suitable to get punishment that you have fault” By saying like that, the Judge demanded the old man, no to tell wring opinion from that day onward.

The old man never give the opinion for others.

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