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In olden days, King of Baranasi had one hundred sons and the youngest son was named ‘SANBARA’. The King sent hundred sons to hundred Minister to be educated.

The teacher of SANVARA was FUTURE-BUDHA who was wise full of intellect.

The King allowed the sons who were educated to control towns or villages.

When the prince SANVARA was educated did not take the town or village to govern, he asked for, “Not to give town or village, but to stay at the foot of the King as the prince was the youngest.” According to the advice of his teacher.

Thus, when the King gave him town, the prince SANVARA said, “I am the youngest, if I go out, there is no serving for you so I will serve you by living at the foot of you.”

Soon, the advice of his teacher, he asked for permission from his father of old Royal Garden, he give the fruits and vegetables of Royal Garden to Minister and etc..,

Then, he asked for permission from his father and give food to the people live in town.

Gradually, the prince had done for elephant, house, soldiers, diplomacy, custom duty etc.., So all of the Royal cases were seized by the prince SANVARA in accordance with the advice of his teacher, finally the nationality. The country people loved the prince SANVARA.

On one day, the King’s condition was nearly bad facing death, the Ministers and the Royal officers of the palace said by asking, “To whom the palace give in hand your Majesty?”

The King said, “All sons are suitable to get the King hood but the son who is wanted by the Royal officers and country people, should be crowned as the King.” Just after giving speech the King passed away.

So, the Ministers propped up the Prince ASNVARA as the King of the country.

Hence, the other (99) brother princes came to the palace with disagreement and surrounded the palace. They shouted out, “Do you give palace or do you march to battle?”

At that time, the prince SANVARA arranged according to the advice of his teacher said, “I do not want to prepare the battle with my brothers and please take the inheritances of father take one brother’s inheritance i.e. one part out of the hundred parts”, he replied.

The prince UPAWTHAHTA who was the eldest brother said, “Youngest SANVARA did not oppose us and gives the inheritances. Besides, we can’t be the Kings simultaneously. So be the youngest brother Prince SANVARA the proper King.” All there brothers agreed.

Then, all brothers met with the prince SANVARA, they helped him for essentials when they heard about the intellect and ability of SNAVARA so they respected and loved him more.

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