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In olden days, there was a fig-tree on theĀ  bank of THAN DAUNG CREEK which ended into INLAY LAKE of south west face. The fig-tree was shady and green with leafy branches so it seemed to be a big building to take rest for many birds.

In one year, the sun was highly hot; there was bad draught and wild fire widely, so the fig-tree with other trees became dry. THAN dAUNG CREEK also evaporated to be waterless and the animals depending upon the fig-tree migrated away from the fig-tree, containing many birds.

Due to the waterless THAN DAUNG CREEK, the leaves of the fig-tree dropped down with fruits, leaving only branches. The birds depending the fig-tree also migrated. All of the birds depending the fig-trees, a parrot is not migrate and felt the tree alone.

The friends of loyal parrot said “Oh, friend parrot we will migrate to on environs where the food was available with green surrounding. Please follow with us, as this fig-tree can’t recover from this stage: so follow with us?

The loyal parrot said, “Oh dear friends! You told me truth, but we depend the fig-tree for food and lodging when it was developing well. “But, if we left it when it is dry due to falling down in all aspects i.e. The leaves dropped of leaving only the branches, we may be cruel creatures.”

“The fig-tree was our friend because we took help from it. When our friend was facing trouble we will be unfaithful if we left it alone. The faithfulness was needed at present my dear!” The parrot continued his reply that, “I can’t leave the fig-tree which was in trouble so I will stay here.”

Hence the birds said, “Ok! stay here, we will go to the place full of food and water. We will see you again.” Then the other birds flew away suddenly.

The barks of fig-tree detatched from it due heat but the parrot lived as usual and praized the tree to be healthy with green leaves. As the fig-tree became dry the parrot became dry. The spiritual NAT who knew the faithfulness of the parrot discussed with other NATS for value of faith.

The spirits of surrounding demanded the rainfall. The fig-tree became developed and the parrot also. The migrated birds returned and the fig-tree was well.

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