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In olden days, there was an adult person in a village named Muang Theinkha. He was fair in appearance but he had a lump in the neck so he attained no social standing. He did not join with other and serve his old mother by cutting wood in the forest.

Maung Theinkha thought of old bad fate and he had no blame for parents. He lived happily. He sang at home as well as in cutting wood in forest.

On one day, he sang during bathing in the stream. In the time a lady heard his song and liked it.

“Alo! Very sweet on hearing.”

“Hey! Shwe Sar, the sound of singer is very pleasant.”

“Are you interesting the singer? Let’s peek out him.”

The pretty lady and her friend peeked out the bathing person, behind a bush.


“How is it? The sound is different with appearance.”

“He is handsome Thuzar, the lump in his neck destroyed his young face.”

“Let’s go! I have no need to join him” The interesting lady felt sorry and left. Maung Theinkha knew nothin about it.

Maung Theinkha pushed the wheel-barrow and went into the forest to cut wood. the wood cutter were plenty so he went into the deep forest. When his wheel-barrow was full the environs became dark, so “Ain! I may sleep in the forest tonight, there was no time to go back home.”

Hence, he found out the place to sleep. He saw a cave “Ain! I must sleep in this case this night.” He thought. The time was early to sleep so he sang songs one after another.

The place to sleep was the entrance of case when the goblins lived. When they heard the song, they got out from the cave and danced. Maung theinkha was afraid of them but the liked them that they danced with his song.

Maung Theinkha continued the singing one after another. If he wanted to stop singing he was afraid of goblins which will be harmful. “The song is so good, continue!”

They seemed to be anxious to stop the song, said to continue. Over mid-night, the singer was tired also same to the goblins. One goblin asked, “your sound is very good, from where it comes?”

“It comes from this throat.”

“Ain! You, when go back home I can’t hear it thus, please sell me throat.”

Maung theinkha said, “Impossible, it comes by itself so it is impossible.”

Maung theinkha said the sound came out of throat but goblins understood the sound came out from the lump.

“Impossible to sell and also impossible to give.”

“Don’t you? We will buy it with jewels, aren’t not? Asked by goblins, Maung Theinkha said, “I want to sell you but how to detach it?”

“Don’t worry for it, we will take the lump only which gives the sweet sound.”

At that time, one goblin came and gave the packet of jewels.

“Ke!, will you sell with this cost?”

“If you take well I will sell it.”

“Easy thin for us, Ke! I will attach it in his neck.”

The powerful goblin changed to attach the lump from Maung theinkha to another goblin’s neck. Thus, Maung theinkha had no lump, then, all goblins and  Maung Theinkha fell asleep.

When Maung theinkha awoke, goblins disappeared so he went back home by taking the jewels. When the lump lost, the villagers asked, he told the truth.

Then, Maung Theinkha sold the jewels and built a house and then served his old mother. Ma Thuzar the pretty lady who was fond of Maung Theinkha’s sound married to him according to the joiner Shwe Sar.

On the full moon night, Maung Theinkha sang the songs under the moon light for his beloved wife Ma Thuzar. They lived happily in life.

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