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In olden days, the old man named U NYO LONE lived with his grand-son THAN KHE, in a house situated on a small hill. The farmers that lived on the small hill built houses near the sea and lived there.

On the early winter, the farmers were happy when they saw the riped paddy in the fields.

When the farmers went down to the houses near the sea, U NYO LONE looked at the junction between the sky and the sea, that was the horizon like a strange view. U NYO LONE was terrified by looking at the scene, that the dark clouded bank from water level of the sea raised up into the sky and moved quickly to the margin where the farmer’s houses built previously.

So, U NYO LONE said to his grand-son THAN KHE, “My grand-son! Go back home quickly, Take the (2) woods (FIRE_WOODS) on fire, quick! quick!”

THAN KHE ran out quickly and took the burning fire-woods then gave them to his grand-father. The old man took it at once and burn the paddy fields.

THAN KHE helped his grand-father. “Quick! Grand-son, quick!” The paddy field became the land razed by fire.The shouts are heard loudly. The people ran up the hill. The women and the children put out the fire. No one is left in the village.

After the fire died, some villager came to the old man with anger on their faces. “Aphoe! What are you doing, are you mad?”

The old man smiled and pointed the sea. The black could banks are seen in the sky and the huge sea waves were coming to the margin of sea. The flood covered their villages with the loud sounds as Thunder. Because of the sea-waves, their houses are damaged and taken into the sea. So, they understood that they were free from death.

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