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In olden days, there was a wise King in a country.¬† The King appointed a youth as a King’s Servant.

The Queen have a younger brother who used to live heedlessly. The Queen was jealous to the King’s servant that she wanted her brother to be the King’s Servant. The Queen said the King every day to appoint her brother as the King’s Servant.

The King said, “He will appoint your brother after the test for his ability.”

On one day, the King called his servant and his brother-in-law and sent to see the bitch who gave birth to puppies at the foot of the palace. After sometimes, King’s brother-in-law came to the King and inform the birth of puppies.

Thus, the King asked, “How many male and female puppies that you saw.” The brother-in-law said he will go and see again, and went back. Later, he came back and said, “Three male puppies and three females your Majesty.”

Then, the King asked the color of them so brother-in-law went back to see again. Soon, he came back and said, “Which fused with black 2, brown 2 and striped design 22 your Majesty.”

At that time, the King appointed servant came and said, “The puppies were born well. They were male3, female 3; the male¬† 2 were white fused with black, one male and one female are brown and 2 female puppies are the striped.”

Hence, the King talked about it to his Queen why he appointed the Kin’s Servant to the other beside hi brother-in-law. Thus, the Queen did not ask for the King to appoint her brother as the King’s Servant.

The younger brothers and the younger sisters should not stay heedlessly, and should be thoroughly done to works, may be understood all.

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