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Once there was a big tree of KANYIN near a village. A couple of sparrow birds lived on that tree.

One day, the two wood cutters – after and son reached under the KANYIN tree. Father said to his own son, “We will cut down his tree so I will call the relatives of the village in the north to help us.”

When the couple of birds heard the words, the female-bird said the male-bird.

“How do we do? I am crouching over eggs to hatch the nestlings from the eggs. We must change the nest” Then, the male-bird said “Don’t worry my dear! They cannot cut it now.”

One week later, father and son – woodcutters did not cut and they came to the tree. The son said, “In the previous week, the northern relatives did not come so the tree is still present.”

The father said that “Oh son! We will cut it with the help of relative of this village in the south.”

When the couple of birds heard about it, the female-bird said the male-bird, “I think they will cut the tree this time, we will change the nest.”

The male-bird said, “Don’t worry my dear! They will not cut it down now.”

The wood-cutters could not cut the tree to fall down and came back to the tree. The son said to his father, “The southern relative were busy so can not help us.”

Thus, the father said “Let’s call for help from the eastern relatives to cut down the tree.”

When the news was reported to the female-bird, she said to male-bird, “May be sure this time, we will change the nest.” The male-bird said as above, “Don’t worry my dear! They cannot cut the tree this time I know well.”

Though the father and son – wood-cutter tried to get help from their relatives from East, West, South and North of the village, the relatives who were so busy that they could not help them.

So, father and son could not cut down the KANYIN TREE until that day.

One week later, father and the son – wood-cutters came to the tree. Father said to the son, “The relatives in each village have no time to help us, as they are very busy. Well! Both of us, must cut down this tree by ourselves tomorrow.

The male-bird heard it, “Oh Shinma! We have to change the nest to an other place” The male-bird said suddenly.

By then, the female-bird surprisingly said, “When I have said it several times you were quiet in former days, Why do you want to transfer the nest to another place suddenly?”

The male-bird replied , “Wood-cutters will cut the tree by themselves.”

The next day, after and the son – wood-cutters came to the KANYIN TREE where the couple of birds lived previously and cut it down.

Oh! Dear sons and daughters! By reading this tale, you can know and differentiate that the can be successful in whatever he or she does with self-reliance.

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