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In olden days, an ant carried a rice-meal to a hole where the ants lived. The butterfly who was taking nectar from a flower, saw the behavior of the ant.

Butterfly thought his life was better than the life to ant. He was proud that he took the most delicious nectar which was valuable in human.If the nectar is lost in one flower, t can be obtained from another flower.

The only ant took the food from the wastage of human food that the butterfly thought of it. When the human did not give up the food-wastage the ant will steal the food, that look down by the butterfly.

When the ant carried the rice-meal he used the great effort. so, the butterfly descended from the tree of flowers.The ant carried the rice continuously. So, butterfly said the ant “Oh dear! your trouble is so great, why do you want to carry the rice greater than you?”

Then, the ant replied, “Our ants are working always for food. We get food enough by working. We work not only for one ant but also for all ants. I carry the rice-food daily because the rain will fall down soon. We can’t find out food in rain as other creatures and the food we got were hidden and stored in the holes. So we save the food for the rainy season.”

Then, the butterfly said, “We have no need to save food, the nectar of one plant if lost, it can be obtained from another.”

The butterfly boasted that, “The flowers were welcoming to take the nectar from them so the life of ant is under me.”

“Oh, friend butterfly! your words are corrected for you, but the flowers can’t bloom always, depending on the change of seasons” the ant said.

Hence, “Please note my talks dear friend!You may get troubles on one day. Then the butterfly laughed and said “Har! Har! Har! I will wait and see that you told.”

When the days passed, the rain came down, the rain came down. There were electric flash, storm and heavy rain due to the nature of rainy season. That the flowers are broken and ruin.

The butterflies can’t fly because of rain and storm. Due to the damage of trees the butterflies die of saturation as the result of lack of nectar.

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