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Once, a monitor lizard king and his young son lived in a hole near a river.The young monitor lizard made friends with a chameleon. So, the king warned hi young son not to associate with the chameleon because of having different characteristic. The young monitor lizard did not listen to his father’s words and he continued to associate with different characteristic.

When he could not tell his young son, the king dug up an emergency exit int the tunnel because he could not believe the chameleon. Although the monitor lizard and the chameleon were equal in size when they were young, their growth was different because of difference in species.

When they played, the chameleon did not stand the strength of the young monitor lizard. Then, the chameleon became afraid of the little monitor lizard.The chameleon thought up a plan to defend the danger of the little monitor lizard.

That time, the chameleon saw a hunter coming into the forest with his dogs. Then, the chameleon knew the hunter was looking for monitor lizards and he brought the hunter to the hole where the two monitor lizards lived near the river.

Near the hole where the two monitor lizards lived, there were other monitor lizards’ holes. And, the hunter burnt the hay he had brought. When the monitor lizards came out, the dogs bit them to kill. Then lizard king and his son escaped through the emergency exit and they liberated.

Only then did the little monitor lizard understand not to associate with someone with different characteristic and he felt regretful.

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