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Formerly, the male and female sparrow lived together. After sometimes, the female sparrow become pregnant. Thus the female sparrow said “Oh my dear! Please go and take the largest ear of paddy that I want to eat, so go and take it fast.”

The male sparrow said, “Oh dear! There are many enemies in the field so I dare not to take it.”

The female sparrow repeated that “ah maung! You do not love me you say like that. If I got no largest ear of paddy I shall die soon.”

The male sparrow said, “Oh shinma! Don’t worry, I will take it suddenly.” Then, the sparrow flew down into the paddy field. Then the male sparrow came back carrying the largest ear of paddy. The paddy is so heavy and the sparrow took rest on an iron-wood tree (PYINGADOE). At that time, a falcon came and took the sparrow as food.

The female sparrow was waiting her husband but the male sparrow didn’t return. So the female sparrow thought that her husband didn’t love her so she died soon due to broken heart.

After death, they became deer and doe in the same forest. On one day, the doe said the deer “Ah maung! I am pregnant, I want to eat the tendril of NAT MYAR PLANT, so go and take it soon.”

The deer said, “Oh dear! Don’t give me stupid duty, the place near the human-beings, are very dangerous. Please ask for some leaves or sprouts in this forest, I will take them soon.” The doe said, “You are not able to the compassionate me so you say like that, ah maung! If I got no NAT MYAR tendril, I and your offspring in my womb will die soon.”

The deer said, “Never mind! You and my offspring have not to die useless, I will try the best PLEASE wait at this place. The deer went out to take NAT MYAR PLANTS or TENDRILS near a village.

A hunter saw the deer and shot out with the arrow, so the deer died soon. The doe is waited for hours but the deer can’t come back. So the doe thought the deer followed other doe so she died of sudden broken heart.

After death, the deer and doe became the male and female wild boars; lived together in the same forest. When the wife was pregnant, she demanded her husband to eat the KYA KHATT BAMBOO SHOOT.

The male wild boar said, “Don’t worry shinma please wait for me,I will take it soon. Then, the male wild boar went to the forest. On the way, the boar died of shot by a hunter. The female wild boar was wait for hours but the male wild boar didn’t come back so the wife-boar suddenly died of heart attack.

In SANSARA wheel, the female wild boar became the daughter of rich man after the death of wild animal. The male wild boar after death became a poor man in the next existence.

The daughter of rich man at puberty age, did not to marry any person. She thought the males were unfaithful upon the females so she was dead as the result of broken heart. So she asked for excuse from her father and went to monastery of hermit and meditated there.

The poor boy was taught under many teachers and reached to monastery of wise and educated hermit, who was the teacher of rich man. When he was educated, he built a rest-house before he returned to his mother, the widow.

On ht inner surface of wall, the poor man painted the pictures of their previous existences starting from couple of sparrows, couple of deer and doe, couple of wild boars with sorrowful purposes. He was so poor, thus can’t found out his old wife now.

On the next morning, the daughter of rich man came to rest together with her father. Formerly, there was nothing on the place but now a big rest house is seen. So they ascended the rest house and saw the wall-pictures.

The pictures were similar to their histories of previous existences so requested her father to find out the artist. When the rich man asked the hermit ,the hermit called the poor man who was rest-house-donor as well as the painter of wall-picture.

The daughter of rich man pulled the poor ma and the history in the pictures are real and the males were dead due to her need, also she died of broken heart.

She apologized the poor man for her fault and the poor man was the only her lover. So, the rich man married the daughter with the poor man in front of the hermit. The poor man called his mother and lived together happily.

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