Land-Crab and Heron

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Long Long Ago, there was a pleasant looking lake full of five kinds of lotuses. A land-crab and fishes lived in the lake. A heron lived on a tree near that lake.

There was a struggle of living for the animals when the water inside the lake, dried during the high heat of Summer. The heron who was waiting for the wicked chance, persuaded the fishes and land-crabs that he would be able to send them to another pleasant lake.

Then, he took a fish with his beak, went to another lake and showed the pleasant scene with fresh water. After it, the heron took the fish back and sent him to the dry lake. The fish told his friends that the heron did the true purpose that there was a pleasant lake which would be peaceful. By the persuasion of heron, the fishes wanted to go there seriously.

The heron felt very happy and took one fish every day and eaten at the foot of a tree near the pleasant lake, when the fishes were lost all, the heron persuaded the only land-crab to follow with him to the lake. The land-crab guessed the opinion of the heron “Oh friend heron! it is difficult to take me by carrying with your beak, so I will follow you by swinging your neck during flying.”

The heron of great greed to eat, the neglected the danger for life. So he took the land-crab to the pleasant lake. The heron when he reached near the lake said “Oh foolish crab! look there, I gave eaten the ignorant fishes so their bones were gathered like a hill” and the heron showed the bones.

The land-crab replied “Oh utterly despicable heron! I knew your wicked idea as I am not ignorant like the fishes. So, I follow you and clamp your neck by my pointed claws. During talking, the land-crab clamped down the neck of the heron forcefully.

The heron suffered from severe pain and requested the land-crab “PLEASE SAVE ME”. The land-crab ordered to send him to the lake.

When they reached near the lake, the land-crab said, “OH WICKED HERON! YOU CAN GIVE TROUBLES TO THE CREATURES, I DO NOT BELIEVE YOU.” Then, the land-crab clamped the heron’s neck by his sharp claws and went down into lake.

By reading this tale, brothers and sisters! think of dong bad to others, you will get punishment on one day. You may help the others with best guarding.

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