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On! Children!

King ALAUNG SITHU, the grand son of King KYANSITTHA was a powerful King. He went on Royal Raft around the Great Islands such as MALAY KYUN SWE, SRI LANKA KYUN, and ZABUDIPA KYUN. From that voyage, KingPATIKARA offered his daughter to the King.

King ALAUNG SITHU used to take touring the lands without long stay in Palace so the Royal Attendants were tired. If the country people revelled against him, he attacked and took over them. In Arakan, he succeeded the bayyle and left LET YAR MIN as the King of the area.

King ALAUNG SITHU prepared and repaired the previous Irrigations, old Lakes and Creeks, containing NANDAR LAKE near MANDALAY and MAUNGMAGAN. In addition, King ALAUNG SITHU wrote the collection of Legal Rules named “ALAUNG SITHU PHYAT HTONE”.


When MINSHINSAW, the son of king ALAUNG SITHU com to Royal Conference (NYILARGAN) to give respect, the Queen from INDIA did not stand, so the son went back without respect.

On one day, the King gave a Royal Gawn to a Minister. In on ceremony, the person wore that Gawn, MINSHINSAW ordered him to take out the costume. When the King heard it, MINSHINSAW was driven out from the country.

At one time, King ALAUNG SITHU raised his arm in assembly as the proclamation (KYONE WARR), the muscles of arm dropped lossely as the became old. The Royal person laught at him so the King recorded it.

In one conference, the King said, “Hey …. Ministers! Do you know about a man with striped turban riding on striped horse at the foot of TURIN HILL. He robbed the country people you know? Send (4) generals to catch him quickly.”

The four Generals went out just after the King’s order. The King disguised and put on striped turban, then went to TURIN HILL on horse. He said the gate-man not to close the gate when he did not come back.

At the foot of TURIN HILL, the King rode the horse around the area so the four Generals followed him. The King sometimes rode towards them closely but at once went far them and went down to the bank of NYAUNG OO, and took rest for the horse giving drinking water from the river. The four Generals thought that the man with striped turban ran out due to fear.

When the house released from tiredness, the King jumped up on horse very quickly onto the bank. The he galloped to four Generals. The King showed his method of riding horse, he rode near the side of them and ran in front of them. So, the Generals could not catch him.

At the conference of next day, the King asked about the striped-turban wearing man at the foot of TURIN HILL, “The thief cannot be human being Your Majesty! He will be spiritual ogre. He cannot be arrested even by many soldiers.” Thus, King ALAUNG SITHU said, “Hey … Ministers! You think me old, I am not old yet.” So, the Ministers were frightened.

The King ALAUNG SITHU passed away at the age of (101) years, with (75) years of King Glory.

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