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I olden days, a good looking King of parrot with moderate sized body was accompanied by friends lived in a forest, serving and supporting his old parents.

On one day, the King-parrot and comrades went to a field planted the THALAY PADDY by the cultivators. And eaten the crops. The guards of the farms frightened them but failed.

When they got full the parrots went back.But the King parrot took crops after eaten and then he went back lastly.

The guard informed the owner of the farm about it so the owner ordered to catch. Hence the King parrot was caught readily.

The King parrot knew that he was trapped but he did not shout that the others will go before they got full. When the other parrots satisfied the food, the King parrot shouted out.

Thus, the parrots flew away without care.

The Gard of the farm took the King parrot and showed to the owner. When the owner of farm saw the moderate sized parrot he was happy and asked, “Oh! Dear parrot, you eat the crops and take some I heard. Have you store and keep it there.”

“Sir, I have no store or not to save the crop but I have three reasons to take the scripts of paddy.”

“There are (1) I gave back the old debt, (2) I lend the new debt, (3) I buried the gold pot.”

The owner said, “Dear! Please explain words of you.”

Thus, The King parrot said, “I have old parents, so I fed them, which means the giving back of old debt.”

“Also I gave young offsprings.”

“I feed them which meant the lending of new debts.”

“In our place, the other old parrots lived nearby. I took the paddy crops to feed them that meant the supporting the nourishment for them. The offering of food is the burying of gold pot to get merit in future.”

The man of farm-owner felt very happy for the explanation and said, “Take it as you like.” And offered the crops of paddy in (8) PE of paddy farm.

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