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One week after the birth of little tiger, the mother tigress was dead, as a buffalo killed her during the attach against the male buffalo; due to stab wound abdomen.

When he was motherless child, his father-tiger looked after him. The father fed him, so the little tiger was well nourished by foot taken by his father.

When his father fell asleep, the little tiger player on the body of father-tiger, so…

“Don’t play much, I want to sleep now.”

Because of the father’s feeding, the little tiger can walk and run gradually. The father had to teach him how to prawl, approach and catch the victims. At that time, the three lions came and killed the father-tiger at once. The little tiger who was hidden behind the bush of Giant-grass, saw the process of his father’s death.

After going back of three lions, the little tiger came out of the bush with terror. When he came near his father he called him but no reply from it. Hence, he left and dead body of his father and went to the previous place of their destination.

While he was walking, the fear over-whelmed him, when he saw a flock of birds flew away,

“Kyi … Kyi … Kyali”

He was hidden behind the bush. when the birds were out of sight he continued walking.

He was also afraid of the rabbit when he saw.

“Kwi … Kwi … Kwi”

Also, he saw a group of monkeys playing on a tree, the little tiger ran to the bush with shivery knees.

He was afraid of the birds, monkeys, deers, the rabbit and snakes when he saw them. He dare not go anywhere so he was near to die due to starvation of food essentials.

He couldn’t walk so stayed on lying. Thus, the NatFaun who guarded the forest came and said, “The tiger must be earned by himself, no need to be afraid of the others.”

“No! I fear all, because the are harmful.”

“Ain! You are an orphan, so I teach you but you do not take it: only the fear overwhelmed you. The tiger must be courageous, every animal must be afraid of the tiger.”

“I am fearful, they will kill me.”

“The tiger must have stripes, if it is absent, he is not tiger; the tiger must have courage and stripe. You have no courage, should have no stripes.” The Nat-Faun of the forest talked too much and took out stripes on the body of the little tiger.

“When you have courage, the stripe will come back.”

“If the stripes are absent, no need to get courage, no one will give me harm. “Hay! very glad.”

When he came to puberty, he found a little tigress and became friend. The tigress said him that she was named WAR WAR. The little tigress WAR WAR urged him to find the food.

“Har! Fearful! Those animals will kill me.”

“Look! No need to fear, I will show you to catch the rabbit.”

“No … No, I can’t follow behind you, I fear.”

The little tiger hid into the bush. WAR WAR caught a small rabbit came the little tiger, urged to eat it the little tiger dare not.

“Please come and eat it, he is dead, don’t be fearful”

The little tiger ate it, the rabbit died, he saw.

“The tiger must kill the other.”

“No need to be afraid of the other,” WAR WAR said.

The little tiger and WAR WAR met each other off and on, played together on a lawn.

“The butterflies are there; let’s catch them.”

“The butterfly will bite us.”

“Khit … Khit … Khit you are fool you are afraid of the but butterfly, thus you have stripes on your body.

“Hay WAR WAR! Are you playing with the fool? Do you make friend with stripeless fool? Oh! Fellow! Mr. Fear! The animal, who will kill you is coming.”

“Hin!” The little tiger ran away to the bush due to the talk of WAR WAR’s elder brother.

“Har! Har har! Which kind of tiger do you make friend Har! Har! Har! Har!?”

The elder brother of WAR WAR made fun and went out.

“You style is to fear monkey and bird, so I am shameful instead of you.”

“I am fearful! My father and mother died due to lack of fear. I can’t die recently.”

“The tiger, if he is dead in battle, is honourable.”

“I don’t know. I want no honour and stripes.”

The little tiger looked for environs, he found a group of wild dogs suddenly.

“Trouble! The wild dogs in large number are troublesome even tiger or lion, don’t run away.” The little tiger didn’t hear WAR WAR’s Talk.

The little tiger ran to three stones behind the bush. By lookin the events, he shivered.

The wild dogs were plenty so WAR WAR was rolling from side to side.

“Hay, Fellow! You Mr. fear! You have no courage even you are a tiger, the tiger must dare to die in the battle.” The little tiger heard himself about the words of WAR WAR’s elder brother.”Stripeless foolish tiger; no courage!”

His eyes became bright-red, strength all over the body he felt. He could not rightly neglect WAR WAR. He squeezed out all strength that he had.

“Waung! Waung! WAung!” The Loud sound, the loud deep roar!”

The wild dogs saw the tiger who jumped down from stone.

“Waung … ghee! Woung … ghee!”

He bit the wild dogs that he found. The wild dogs were suffering from tiger bite and rolled on grass some dogs ran out very quickly.

The little tiger saw WAR WAR who fell down on grass. “How do you do WAR WAR?”

“I think I will die soon due to wild dog bite but I feel very happy for your courage. From where you get the courage little tiger?”

“When I saw you, bitten by wild dogs, I decided either death or not, I want to help you so I jump down from the stones.”

“You! You! Not the stripeless tiger, courageous, you look yourself, the srtripes appeared oh dear!. The punishment is disappeared now, your stripes are very beautiful.”

“WAR WAR is more pretty.”

The little tiger and little tigress WAR WAR felt the beauty of surrounding and became happy together.

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