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In olden days, six blind brahmins lived. They were boasted that they could tell the reality when they touched something by hand, i.e. The six blind brahmins boasted only.

The King who ruled that demanded one day, that the six blind brahmins had to come to see the King. the King had a desire to test them. The King asked for the answers to six blind brahmins after the examination of the elephant.

The King talked well, about the elephant first, and promised. If the answer is corrected, will be awarded with a prize to whom, gave the true result.

The blind brahmins with longing for prizes: they gave the promise to the King that they could give correct answer after the examination.

The first blind brahmin touched soothly the “TRUNK” and said obediently that, “Elephant is an elongated animal Your Majesty!”

The second blind brahmin felt the “EAR” and he answered that “Elephant is an animal having only flat leaf Your Majesty!”

The third blind brahmin had given a demand to be palpitated the “BODY” of elephant. The blind brahmin examined thoroughly the big body of the elephant and gave the answer that “Elephant is the animal having large rounded ball only which is similar to a big tub, Your Majesty!”

The fourth blind brahmin touched the leg and replied obediently to the King, “Elephant is an animal like a pillar or post.”

The fifth blind brahmin felt the tail of the elephant and examined throughly. When the King asked he answered as, “Elephant is an animal similar to a broom Your Majesty!”

The last sixth blind brahmin is allowed to feel the nails of fingers and toe of elephant and asked by the King. The blind brahmin replied that “Elephant is an animal of hard shell i.e. The animal covered by hard shell Your Majesty!”

The King held talks to six blind brahmins “Elephant is an animal out of your opinions, hence you should not express the wrong answers whether you examined thoroughly.”

Oh! Brothers and sisters! After reading this tale, don’t bother with the silly answers like a “CHARLATAN” i.e. TAT YOUNG GAR and try to understand well that you don’t understand.

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