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Once upon a time, there was a draught in a certain country to have a shortage of water.

Then, the wise minister said, “Will, your majesty! We have a draught in our country. But, we will have heavy rain since tomorrow’s noon.”

The King replied, “Well, I am so pleased to hear it.”

The minister said, “But it can be poisonous for anyone who drinks it because the rain comes down untimely.”

“What! How should we respond to it, minister?” Asked the King.

The minister answered, ” I suggested that we should issue a royal order for warning people that they should not drink it.”

The King said, “Well; then , now this is a royal order.”

“Let people know that tomorrow rain is not suitable to drink because it is poisonous. Announce it to let all people in the kingdom know about it.”

“As you say so, your majesty!”

Let by the minister, they announced it the kingdom that the rain was not suitable for drinking because it was poisonous.

But, when the rain came down, the people in the kingdom said, “Hay, rain comes down. Come, come , get water for drinking and using.”

When the people drank the rain water, all went crazy. Only the King and the minister did not drink it.

The King asked, “Well, minister, what happened?” The minister said, “Well, your majesty, they became crazy because of drinking bitter rain water.”

All people called, “Fool! Fool” to the King and the minister who did not drink the rain water.

Then, the King said, “Well, minister, what shall we do? All became crazy and both of us are good. The fools call us fools.”

“We can’t stand like this . It won’t be good although we two are good among the foolish crowd. Let drink up bitter rain water like others. Then, we will be alright.

Then, the minister said, “Well, please give it a proper thought, your majesty. We should tolerate the inconvenience with the fools right now. We can’t make these fools to be good again, but we can make the next generation not to be fools like them. When we have more new generation and the numbers of the fools will be decreased gradually and finally there will be no more generation of the fools.”

“If we drink the bitter rain water as you say, all will become fools and only the generation of the fools will exist.”

“Will, you are right, minister. Let the fools be as they are. Let’s protect the next generation not to be fools, minister.”

You may have heard of this story. So, you should not think will be good for doing will along among ill-willed people. Though you cannot amend the present fools but you can direct the next generation to be good persons.

After reading this story, you will remember the words of ancient wise men, “not to drink bitter rain water as other people do”. I wish you not to be like people who imitate what others did ness coming from losing something and unhappiness coming from gaining more.

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