In olden days, an ant carried a rice-meal to a hole where the ants lived. The butterfly who was taking […]

In olden days, there was a wise King in a country.  The King appointed a youth as a King’s Servant. […]

Long Long Ago, there was a pleasant looking lake full of five kinds of lotuses. A land-crab and fishes lived […]

In olden days, there was an adult person in a village named Muang Theinkha. He was fair in appearance but […]

In olden days, there was a fig-tree on the  bank of THAN DAUNG CREEK which ended into INLAY LAKE of […]

In olden days, a rich man in a village left a word when he was sickness, “Shinma! Please send your […]

In olden days, six blind brahmins lived. They were boasted that they could tell the reality when they touched something […]

Formerly, the male and female sparrow lived together. After sometimes, the female sparrow become pregnant. Thus the female sparrow said […]

In olden days, the old man named U NYO LONE lived with his grand-son THAN KHE, in a house situated […]

On! Children! King ALAUNG SITHU, the grand son of King KYANSITTHA was a powerful King. He went on Royal Raft […]

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